Woman Tests Her Dog’s Intelligence With An Ever Growing Toilet Paper Blockade.

Lucy the Maltese is one smart dog. Her owner decided to set up a line of toilet paper rolls near a doorway just to see how Lucy would react.

What happened next was a display of intelligence and problem-solving skills that left the Tik Tok community smiling.


The first row of toilet paper rolls was no match for Lucy. With a quick jump, she sailed over it without any problems.

However, things got more challenging as her owner set up a second row on top of the first one. This time, Lucy couldn’t jump over it, but she didn’t give up either. She had a trick up her sleeve.

Lucy decided to knock over one of the toilet paper rolls from the second row and create a hole to jump through.


Her owner was impressed with her ingenuity and wondered what Lucy would do when the challenge got even harder.

The next time, her owner set up three rows of toilet paper rolls, and Lucy knew she had to use her muscles to power through this one.

With determination and strength, she managed to push her way through the toilet paper rolls and reach the other side.


But her owner wasn’t done yet.

The next challenge had four rows of toilet paper rolls, and Lucy had to figure out how to get past this one. Lucy looked at the obstacle, considering her options.

After a moment of thought, she once again used her intelligence to solve the problem.


Check out the finale in the adorable video below.

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