This Video Received 98 MILLION Views In 24 Hours. The Reason? I Can’t Stop LAUGHING!!

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What you’re about to see is currently the most popular video on the internet. In the last 24 hours alone, it has racked up a jaw dropping 98 million views on Facebook. It also has over 1.3 million likes and well over 2 million shares!

Recently, Texas native, Candace Payne, celebrated her birthday. As a part of her on going festivities, she decided to buy herself a special gift. That gift turned out to be a toy with a hilarious feature attached to it.

While this may sound like a completely uninteresting video, it turns out to be laugh out loud hilarious. The way Candace presents the toy is just priceless. Her joy is infectious and the way she laughs is incredibly contagious.

I urge you to watch her video all the way to the end. If you happen to hit back button because it seems dull, you will miss out on a hilarious ending. Without futher ado, take a look below to see the viral video!


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