Woman Shares Turtleneck Rolling Trick, Most People Have Been Wearing It Wrong

Mary Orton, a Wisconsin-based fashion blogger, has taken TikTok by storm with a simple yet effective turtleneck rolling trick.

In the video, Mary shares her method of rolling up turtlenecks to create a chic and stylish look.


The video has quickly gone viral, with many people in the comment section expressing their surprise and appreciation for the trick.

People have been amazed at how easy and effortless the turtleneck rolling trick is, and many have admitted to rolling their turtlenecks incorrectly all these years.

Sometimes the simplest tricks can make a big impact on our appearance. The turtleneck rolling trick is a styling method that everyone needs to know about.

Here are some of the comments on this video:

“oh my goodness… I’m 53 years old and just now finding this out… 😂”

“I’m not surprised, I do everything wrong 💀”

“why have I never thought of this before!?😭”

“This is life changing. And I’m a turtleneck lover!!”

“At 62, I feel my life has been saved just in the nick of time…or is that the ‘neck’ of time!”


Check out her trick below:

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