Woman Secretly Renovated Entire House For A Year In Order To Surprise Her Husband

In first video, you'll see her work. In the second video, you'll see his reaction.

East Coast DIY is a YouTube channel known for easy, budget-friendly DIY home renovations. It’s ran by a woman named Cori and she over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube along with 5.1 million followers on TikTok.

With so much success on social media, it feels like the only person who doesn’t know about this channel is Cori’s husband, Vinny.

He has been away from home for a year in the Army.


Cori is a realtor, teacher, and mom. In her spare time, she is also a self-taught home renovator who does projects around her house.

She spent the entire year renovating her Florida home in hopes of surprising Vinny with his dream home.

In today’s video with 291k views, Vinny finally comes home from the Army to a renovated home.


He is in shock and awe of the work his wife has accomplished down to the last details such as new closet doors, organized shelving, and his beloved upgraded coffee bar.

He goes on a tour of his newly redone home to see all the remarkable updates his wife has done.

Cori goes on to tell Vinny there are two more projects to do and that they can do them together.


YouTube’s user p coop writes,“ I’m in tears watching this. He is so proud of her and just wants to spend time doing projects with her. It’s beautiful”.

Cori hopes to inspire other fellow moms like her to learn her DIY renovations to help spruce up their homes too.

In the first video you can see a quick time-lapse of all the work she has done.

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In the second video you can see her husband’s reaction to all her work.

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