Woman returns to her car, finds a note and a $5 bill from a stranger.

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A woman who goes by the name of Archimboldi on shared pictures of a note and an envelope she found on her car yesterday.

Someone had parked next to her car and felt sorry about not leaving her enough space.


Check it out:


The note reads:

“Sorry I parked so close. Couldn’t find a larger parking spot. If you can’t get in please call me and I’ll come down. Happy holidays – buy a coffee on me.”

Inside the envelope was a $5 bill.



The woman was not sure whether she should buy the coffee with the money or return it. And so she sent a text message to the phone number on the note.

Here’s the response she got:

“You are welcome!!! No need to return the $5. Buy a coffee or pay it forward. With 2016 almost over it’s nice to spread a little kindness!”

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