Woman Films Cat’s Comical Lack Of Control When The Food Dispenser Goes Off

There is no stopping this kitty when he hears the food dispenser.

He is a two-year old cat named Beano.

In a TikTok video with 1.7 million views, the caption reads “My cat and his automatic feeder: a love story” and those words couldn’t be truer.


Beano can hear his dispenser pour his food from any room.

Beano is seen laying down unmotivated to move and then his automatic feeder makes noises dispensing food. He is recorded darting so fast he slides across the room.

He is seen in several instances relaxing and then with out fail, every time the food dispenser goes off, he scurries in a mad dash to eat, dodging obstacles in his path.

His owner, Couvie tries to distract him every time the food is dispensing, but food is his priority and he makes a run for it.


TikTok viewer donaire_michelle comments,

acting like he ain’t ever had food”.

Cats can be very dramatic when it comes to feeding schedules.

One thing is for certain, we know this cat won’t ever go hungry when he has food automatically ready at his disposal.

CouvieandKitty TikTok page features several videos with thousands of views of Beano’s silly antics.


Check out the video of Beano, the black cat and love for his food dispenser down below.

@couvieandkitty Reply to @itzlai14 turned up the volume so you could really hear his speed 🤣 #catsoftiktok #hungrycat #foodlover #fastasfkboi #beano ♬ original sound – Alana C

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