Mom launches an investigation after hearing the sound of a whipped cream can.

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Today, we’re going to share a video with you that’s been making rounds on social media. In the last 24 hours alone, it has received over 10,000 shares on Facebook. We think you’ll get a real kick out of it.

As Facebook user, Casey Officer, sat in her living room she heard a strange sound in distance. It sounded like someone was eating an entire can of whipped cream. Naturally, she assumed it was the work her little kids.

However, when Casey made it to the kitchen, she was hit by an unexpected surprise. It turns out that the “whipped cream bandit” was actually her dog! Somehow he got his paws on a can and figured out it works.

Casey immediately got her camera out to the record the hilarious moment. After uploading it online, the video went from zero views to over 5 million in a very short period of time. Take a look below to see the priceless moment for yourself.

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