What He’s About To Teach You Could Save Your Life! We Should All Learn This ASAP!

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Even though death by choking is pretty rare, the fact is choking can happen to us at any given moment. During a choking incident, you are more likely to survive as long as there is someone around to help you. But what about when it happens to you when you’re alone?

Not to worry. We have found a video that teaches you how to easily save yourself when you are choking. It is a simple technique created by firefighter and paramedic Jeff Rehman. 

What he demonstrates in the video may look a little painful to do. But when it is a life or death situation, you should always be ready to do whatever it takes to save your life. Please watch the entire video below and remember to share it with everyone you know on Facebook. This is something that should be learned by all of us!

Check it out below!


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