Was It Wrong To Bring My Sis-In-Law’s Wallet To A Restaurant When She Conveniently Always Forgets It?

Reddit user, Slow-Pianist-4431 (SP), has been dealing with a frustrating situation that many people have been able to relate to. Her sister-in-law, Amy, been taking advantage of her kindness for a long time now.

“She stays with us instead of a hotel, and always wants to go to expensive restaurants. She always conveniently forgets her wallet, or domes up with some excuses as to why she can’t pay her share.”


To make matters worse, Amy feels that since SP makes more money than her she should be the one to pay.

“I do make a fair amount of money, but not so much that I can treat someone every time they come into town. Nonetheless, in the past, I have just paid the bill and asked her to pay me back. She never has.”


During Amy’s most recent visit, she asked to go to an expensive restaurant. SP immediately made it clear that she would not pay her bill.

SP doesn’t say if Amy was okay with this but we assume that she was because she still went to the restaurant.


However, after getting taken advantage of so many times, SP simply didn’t trust her. So, she came up with a plan.

“I pretended I forgot something and went back inside. I found her wallet sitting right on top of her suitcase. I put it in my purse and we went to the restaurant.”


When they finished eating, SP asked the waiter for individual checks. Amy said no because she forgot her wallet once again.

“I reached in my purse and said, “this wallet?”


Amy was furious that SP touched her wallet. So much so, SP took to the internet to ask if what she did was inappropriate.

The majority of commenters felt that what SP did was not wrong.


I would have done the same. She’s only furious because you called her on her crap and beat her at her own game. If she genuinely forgot her wallet she would be thanking you for having the forethought to remember it for her so since she’s so “forgetful”.


“She made the reservation and invited you. Etiquette says she would be responsible for 100% of that bill.”


While SP did not receive too much criticism, some have pointed out that she didn’t need to resort to underhanded tactics.

She should have just set firmer boundaries such as not dining out with Amy until she paid her back for previous dinners.


In my opinion, I feel that SP simply treated Amy the way that Amy has been treating her. If critics claim SP’s tactic was underhanded, they must also recognize Amy’s tactic to get out of paying is equally underhanded. SP’s wallet move was fair game.

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