Video – The President Of Ukraine Took 1st Place On Dancing With The Stars In 2006.

You need to see his dance routines.

People all over the world are now talking about Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky’s, bravery and model leadership, with the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

He has an extensive resume. He was once a solider, comedian, television star, and now is the leader of his country.

Servants of the people (Series)

The actor, turned president, is well known for his role in the hit production “Servant of the people”, which portrays a history teacher who becomes president with viral fame in his political rants.

The show was a massive inspiration for him to campaign for presidency in real life.


His popularity among his audience and his display of talents has led him to where he is today as the president of Ukraine.

He is regaining recognition for his time in the spotlight on Ukraine’s version of “Dancing With The Stars”. In 2006, he took home the title with his impressive display of dance moves.

Tantsi z zirkamy (Dancing with the Stars)

Zelensky performs the swing, waltz, tango, and several others in this dance competition.

“Dude’s a legend” TikTok user Rex Chapman comments on the video Kat Abu posted with 5.6 million views.


Check out his impressive dance moves below. He and his partner, Olena Shoptenko, have some incredible routines.

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