Ukrainian Soldiers Save A Stray Pup. Now He Is Their Trench Guardian.

You don't want to mess with Rambo the pup.

The obedient puppy’s name is Rambo. He is a stray dog with two other siblings that are stationed in Donbass, Ukraine, in one trench.

Due to the weather and young age of the pups, Ukrainian soldiers took them in.


In today’s video, 39k views, we learn Rambo lives up to his name. He doesn’t let his tiny size deter him from giving thanks to the guards who take care of him.

His brave spirit is reminiscent of Rambo, the famous character played by Sylvester Stallone. Rambo pup doesn’t seem to worry what his odds are. He is just there doing his job.


We watch him on high alert, guarding the area from intruders with his cute little yaps.

Other nearby strays offer a sense of security too, with a keen sense of smell and heightened hearing.

One soldier mentions the so-called trench pups by saying, “They react to sounds, something a human won’t hear, the dog will, they feel it.”

YouTube user Owen Davies comments, “Life is better with a dog by your side! Godspeed Rambo!”.


With these hard times in Russia and Ukraine, having these companions to protect and play with seems to help ease the soldiers who miss being away from home.

Check out Rambo’s video below.

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