Two Siblings Invent A Device That Protects Women From Having Their Drink Spiked

This is one of the most clever inventions that I have ever seen.

In today’s video, 276k likes, we learn about NightCap, a lifesaving scrunchie that cleverly prevents people from spiking a drink.

This scrunchie has a hidden punch that holds an attached drink cover.

NightCap is designed to go over any cup, then just pop a straw into the straw hole, and enjoy your night much safer.


The NightCap was invented by a 16-year-old woman named Shirah Benarde, who was inspired to create it after hearing her friends’ college stories involving spiked drinks.

Her collegiate 21-year-old brother, Michael, saw the potential in her invention, so he collaborated with her to get it on the market.

They would eventually make their way to ABC hit series Shark Tank in 2021. They landed a quick deal with Lori Greiner for $60,000 in return for a 25% stake in their company.


Since then, the company has amassed a net worth of $240k.

The single scrunchie device comes in four colors and can be bought on Amazon for $12.99.

TikTok’s user 1234heather567 comments, “Wow, how did we survive the 90s without that.”

It’s no surprise, it’s growing popularity among women who like to go out for a good time.

NightCap reminds women to exercise caution as safety is no guarantee with their product, but it does aid in deterring predators and giving more peace of mind.


Check out how NightCap works in the video below. You can also purchase a NightCap by visiting

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