Little boy is ecstatic after his father records a video of the tooth fairy visiting him.

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When 5-year-old, James Hasimoto, lost his first baby tooth, he was quite excited. He knew that the great tooth fairy was going to pay him a visit later that night.

..To commemorate the special moment, his father, Daniel Hashimoto, set up camera in his room. He wanted to make sure that his son would see the tooth fairy in action.

..How in the world is that even possible you might ask? Simply put, Daniel is professional animator with extensive CGI experience. He used his skills to give his son a sight that most kids can only envision in their minds.

When little James saw the video, he was super excited. His dad’s work looked so realistic that James instantly accepted it as the real deal. It’s a moment that you simply must see in order to fully appreciate.

Check it out below.


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