Toddler Turns Into The Parent After Catching Dad Playing With Her Toys.

Sorry dad! Those are my toys and you can't play with them!

Growing up, we all probably had our own personal favorite toys. That one special item that we definitely never wanted to share with the other kids.

Well today we have a video featuring a feisty little toddler who doesn’t even want to share her favorite toy with her own family.

Facebook Screenshot

Shared to Facebook courtesy of America’s Funniest Home Videos, the clip opens with the little girl’s father sitting down and shaking her maracas.

As soon as she hears the noise, she comes running.

The little girl grabs the toys away from her father, telling him “No. No no no no. No.”

Facebook Screenshot

It’s adorable to watch as she gives the maraca a shake every single time she says “no”.

The toddler puts the maracas away, and then wanders off, back to the room she came from. As soon as she is out of sight, dad goes right back for the noisy toys though!

Instantly she comes running back into the room, scolding her father once more.

Facebook Screenshot

The look on her face as she again lectures dad by telling him “no no” is absolutely priceless. She puts the toys away once more, wandering off again.

Not one to give up easily, dad grabs the maracas a third time to give them a good shake.


And for the third time, the angry baby returns, grabbing the maracas away for the final time.

Check out the adorable toddler showing her dad who’s boss in the video below!

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