Toddler Sees A Dog For The First Time In His Life

An adorable moment caught on video.

Babies born around or during the pandemic have had very little, if any, opportunities to socialize with new people and new animals.

Doctors even fear their social development skills will be affected long term because of the lack of face-to-face interaction.


A new experience like seeing a dog for the first time might be frightening to a small child.

So, it comes as a surprise in today’s video, with over 27k views on YouTube, we see a 14-month-old toddler that is actually eager to pet a dog for the first time.

Rumble Viral YouTube Screenshot

“This is his first time seeing a dog too” his mom exclaims.

The pet owner’s response, “Really? He’s crushing it!”

The little guy is so excited, he taps his feet and claps his hands as the pup wags his tail. The dog is very gentle with him, so not to scare him,

Rumble Viral YouTube Screenshot

They both even lay on the floor in front of each other. At the end of the clip, the dog approaches the toddler, licking him. The little boy is so unsure what to do, he just takes off running.

YouTube user YoopCat comments,“That’s pretty much my reaction whenever I see a dog, too. This little one’s reaction is much more adorable, though.”

Rumble Viral YouTube Screenshot

One positive takeaway from the lockdowns is that these pandemic babies are taking on fresh experiences at a later age. They can fully take immerse themselves in the world surrounding them with enhanced senses and developed minds.

For this little boy, he can fully appreciate his first experience with petting a dog.

Check out his adorable encounter with his new furry friend.

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