See This Toddler? What He’s About To Do Is Absolutely PRICELESS. 26,600,000 Views on FB.

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As one man headed off to work, a super viral moment suddenly unfolded. The man’s young son followed him out the door and started yelling “I love you”. Mom quickly got her camera out to record the precious moment.

While this may not sound like a viral-worthy moment, the video gets even cuter. The little boy then follows dad to his car and continues to say “I love you dad” for about 3 minutes straight. Naturally, dad returns the favor by saying “I love you sunshine” to his son.

.All these hugs and “I love you’s” make it very hard for dad to leave for work. However, I guarantee that he would not want it any other way. The level of love this family has for one another is simply beautiful.

When mom uploaded the video on Facebook, it quickly went viral all over the world. It has received over 410,000 likes, 314,000 shares, and an impressive 36,000 comments. Judging by these numbers, we think you’ll absolutely love the video.

Check it out below.

(Video may take a second to load)


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