Tiny Dog Picks Out The Biggest Toy And Cannot Wait To Take It Home

She even knew exactly where they parked!

It’s always nice to take a day for yourself to just go out and go shopping. After all, we all deserve a little treat every once in awhile.

Even if you are an adorably tiny Yorkshire terrier!

Crystal Huff

Today we have a video shared to YouTube by the ViralHog channel featuring little Lucy the Yorkie.

Apparently Lucy loves to go shopping. Her owners take her out quite often to pick out a brand new toy.

According to the video description, Lucy will step onto the lower shelves all by herself and carefully select which toy she wants.

YouTube Screenshot

The tiny puppy will carry the toy up to the checkout counter all by herself and wait patiently while her owners pay.

On this occasion, Lucy has picked out a stuffed toy that is double her size!

As you can see in the video, Lucy does indeed sit and wait as the cashier removes all of the tags from her new toy.


Once she’s finally handed the stuffed toy, she is ecstatic. 

YouTube Screenshot

She carries the toy all by herself once again, straight outside of the store, on a mission to get back to the car.

She sure can’t wait to get home and really give her new toy a good chew!

YouTube Screenshot

Check out the adorable little dog going shopping right down below.

She’s already been viewed nearly 650K times!

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