Man can’t stop crying after seeing what his step-daughter got him for his birthday.

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Before I get into this post, I just want to give you a little heads up. The following video is very emotional and may cause you to shed tears. If you happen to be watching it from work, school, or some other public setting, I suggest you comeback later.

..As the video begins, we see a man waiting on his birthday present. He thinks that his gift is going to involve a hypnotist in some way. However, that guess turned out to be completely wrong.

Suddenly, a white box is placed in front of him. When the man opens it, he finds a yellow envelope inside. Once he opens the envelope, he starts to cry uncontrollably.

The envelope contains adoption papers. His step-daughter gave him the greatest gift in the world. She officially asked to take his last name and legally become his daughter.

You simply must see the video in order to fully appreciate the moment. Check it out below.

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