Tennis match stops abruptly when a woman in the audience suddenly starts panicking.

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As tennis star Rafael Nadal took on John McEnroe in an exhibition match, something strange happened. Both men suddenly stopped the game and started staring into the crowd.

.One of the spectators, a young woman, was quickly entering a full on panic mode. It turns out that her young daughter ran off and mom simply couldn’t find her.

Fortunately, with the entire stadium looking on, mom was able to locate her little girl very quickly. This scary moment suddenly turned into a heart melting one. They embraced each other with tears flowing down both of their faces.

Feeling touched by what they had just witnessed, audience members started clapping for the pair. Nadal seems genuinely touched by the moment as well. However, John McEnroe bursts into full on tears in the middle of the court!

Take a look below to see the beautiful moment.


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