Teacher with many years of experience resigns after seeing what her job has turned into.

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Florida native, Wendy Bradshaw, has spent the majority of her life either studying childhood education or working in the field. In fact, she is so dedicated to the craft that she has both a master’s degree and a Ph.d in education.

.So, what could prompt someone like Wendy to suddenly quit her job at Polk County Public Schools? In simplest terms, Wendy is fed up with the way she is being forced to do her job.

Teachers like Wendy are under increasing pressure to “teach for the test”. Due to the fact that federal funding is tied to a school’s performance, schools emphasize high test scores rather than actual learning.

Wendy finds this approach not only to be fundamentally flawed but also quite disturbing. After resigning, she decided to share her thoughts with the world. Since then, her post has gone massively viral on social media.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about Wendy’s story.

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