Sweet Little Boy Is Surprised To Learn He Will Have A Birthday Every Year.

Kids really do say the darnedest things!

It was a surprise to a little lad named Jacob to hear he will have a birthday every single year.

In today’s video with 4.8 million likes, we see Jacob, a boy with a sweet Irish accent who speaks like an old soul.


The channel, keepupwithjacob, follows young four-year-old Jacob as he navigates life. He has a thick Irish accent and exchanges adult-like conversation with his “mum” daily.

In the video, he is discussing his birthday, asking when he was born. His mother tells him his birthday is in June, to which he replies, “born in June, same as my birthday?”

He is amazed to find out that the day they delivered him is the same as his birthday, as if they were two separate things to him.

One follower, theotherhubbard, comments, “He’s my favorite person on this app.”


His TikTok channel has many others who share the same feeling with over 956. K following and over 21.5 million likes.

His mum records his cute stories, thoughts, and questions about life.

His channel reminds everyone that kids say the darnedest things and how hilarious yet treasured their innocence is.


Check out his adorable reaction to sharing his birthday with the day he was born!

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