Stray Dog Becomes A Cross Guard. Goes After Any Cars That Don’t Stop Properly.

Kupata will lay down the law.

Kupata is a stray dog who helps children cross the streets of Batam, Georgia.

His name means sausage in English, and he will do most anything for one.


He came to Batam 5 years ago as a puppy and is cared for by residents here who feed him and give him attention. He treats all the locals as his family.

Kupata takes pride in his work as a street guard as he yaps and even has close encounters with motorists, which send them to a halt, so pedestrians can cross the walkways.

We see him barking and chasing vehicles that don’t obey traffic flow. He steps out in front of any vehicle to block them from running into anyone. He also walks the kids across the road himself.


Kupata has a considerable following on Facebook, with a page dedicated to him known as Lovely Kupata with 18,019 likes.

He teaches drivers an important lesson to pay attention and be patient on walkways, all while teaching young children to glance both ways and be cautious when crossing the street.


Look at this wonder dog in action!

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