Steve Harvey Goes Against The Grain, Advises His Audience To Stop Following Their Passion.

"Follow your gift, not your passion"

To many people, Steve Harvey is primarily seen as a talented comedian and TV host. What you may not know about him is he is also an amazing motivational speaker.

Steve has a simple, no-nonsense approach to his motivational speeches that really resonates with most people.

In one speech, titled “follow your gift, not your passion”, Steve fights back against commonly accepted life advice.


We are often told by school, media, etc that we should pursue our passions in life. Steve thinks such advice is nonsense.

He believes you should follow your gift in life, not your passion. Once you do that, you will find success and fulfillment.

He explains if you’re not meant to sing, stop singing. Reality is going to hit you hard if you try to sing and you’re not actually good at it.

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What you need to do is identify your gift and go after it. Everyone has some sort of gift.

Steve goes on to give fried chicken as an example. How people have made millions of dollars by simply being great at making fried chicken.

He specifically mentions how Col. Sanders did not have a franchise till he was in his 60s.

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He cites several examples from his own life including his former barber who went from charging $10 for a haircut to $1500.


That same barber now owns several shops and schools now. He achieved all this by just cutting hair.

Check out his amazing speech below.

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