12 Soldiers Go Out On Patrol In Afghanistan. Here Is What They Found… This Is PRICELESS!

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As Sgt. Edwin Caba and his teammates helped train Afghan patrols, they came upon a stray dog. The dog, Sheba, was extremely friendly towards all the troops. Naturally, this caused a bond to be formed.

Over time, that bond grew to the point where Sheba started going on patrols with the men. No matter the distance or danger, she’d walk right alongside the troops. In cases where they prohibited her from following them, Sheba would then wait patiently for their safe return.

While this friendship was beautifully blossoming, Sheba’s belly was also growing. When the troops realized that she was pregnant, they began to worry. They knew Sheba would have a lot of trouble raising puppies as a stray dog in Afghanistan.

After Sheba gave birth, their concerns grew even greater. Sheba was just too skinny to properly feed all of her puppies. That’s when the men started giving her their rations and taking care of the puppies.

As you can probably imagine, all this care caused the troops to fall in love with the puppies. The men didn’t want to leave the dogs behind anymore. They began looking for ways to bring the dogs into the United States.

After contacting several rescue organizations, they managed to make that happen! Today, all of the puppies have a home in the United States with various different service members. As for Sheba, she is being trained as a service dog for vets with PTSD!

See the entire story for yourself. Check it out below.


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