She Tells Her Parrot To Stop Eating The Camera. His Response? PRICELESS!

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Parrots may not be as popular as cats and dogs, but they are definitely some of the most entertaining animals around. The thing that makes them so special is their ability to learn and speak words.

In this next video, we want you to meet Britches the Parrot. While he was on his owner’s lap, he suddenly started pecking at the camera for fun. His owner then told him not to eat the camera.

Right after hearing that, Britches stopped and looked up. Two seconds later, he says,”Really?” At this point, he seemed really confused. Or you can even say that he was just pretending.

He started pecking at the camera again and when he was told to stop, he responded in the same way as before. Hearing him say “Really?” is just absolutely adorable. Wait till you get to the part where he laughs. It’s guaranteed to make you smile!

Check it out below!


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