Senior’s Talking Voice Sounds Rough But Then He Surprises Everyone With His Singing

His voice has so much soul.

Woody Williams has been entertaining folks for over fifty years.

He started performing at local venues and bars, singing blues and folk music with a keyboard and a guitar.


Thanks to social media and an appearance on America’s Got Talent in 2014, we saw him sporting a walker but using it to do many fun, crazy dance moves for a fellow of his age.

Woody even challenges Howie Mandal the judge to a leg race.

Age doesn’t stop this man from achieving his dreams of fame. In 2021, he established himself on SoundCloud and TikTok; he gained a massive following of 3 million users.

He composes videos of his original songs and requests from watchers. His TikTok “The Funky Geezer Show” features content that also includes him doing silly antics, acting as one his age would.


In one video, we see him attempting to use cash to swipe on a credit card reader.

His tone surprises everyone. We observed him in a video talking about his new guitar, Butterscotch. Woody talks with an elderly accent and demeanor that reminds onlookers of the Pixar short grandpa Geri.


Once he sings, however, he has a deep voice that sounds like a youthful cowboy.


New Guitar name Butter Scotch

♬ original sound – FunkyGeezerShow

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