A Teenager Egged Her Son’s Car. She Learns The Vandal’s Identity In The Most Unexpected Way.

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Egging is a prank that’s as old as Halloween itself. Many kids consider it to be a harmless act of fun where no one gets hurt. In reality, that is far from being true.

Simply put, it’s a form of vandalism that does quite a bit of damage to a person’s property. That so called “act of fun” could cost an innocent man or woman hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Dallas native, Kelly Ohm, had this prank pulled on her son’s car last week. The eggs wound up chipping the paint and causing $500 in damage. Fortunately, Kelly caught the whole act on camera.

However, she didn’t contact the police about the incident. Instead, Kelly posted the video on City of Rowlett’s Facebook page. She offered a $200 reward to anyone who could help her identify the vandals.

Here’s where the story gets good. Eleven people came forward with valuable information. But, the way people identified these vandals is just plain hilarious! It wasn’t through facial recognition, model of their car, license plates, or anything that you would normally expect.

I won’t spoil what it is. Simply take a look at the video below to see the whole story.


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