Secretly Talented Grandson Sings For The First Time In Front Of His Grandma

Grandma had no idea.

Blake Proehl is known for being a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, but his Nana had no idea that he has another hidden talent.

In today’s video, we see Blake paying a visit to his Nana.

He surprises her with a piano rendition of “In case you didn’t know,” by Country star Brett Young.


Blake starts by asking her if he can play the piano.

She asks him, “can you?!”

He replies, “it’s worth a shot.”

He plays a verse from the song in a surprisingly melodious voice.


His Nana, left speechless by his performance, then calls out his name with adoration.

The video itself captured over 3.8 million likes on TikTok and propelled Blake to viral music stardom.

He says in the comments section, “The video that started it all. This one is for you Nana.”

He had his first in-studio recording over the holidays and is currently getting ready for a live show performance.

He’s always been recognized as an athlete and kept his musical talents under wraps, even from his grandmother.


His ultimate goal would be to be more impactful to help others emotionally with his music.

“My favorite thing to do is help people. If I can do that through music, then that would be a huge dream of mine, to help people through things and relate to them on a deeper level, a deeper scale,” he said on the Minnesota Vikings homepage.

Take a look at Blake’s special moment in the video below.

@blakeproehl A moment I’ll never forget 🖤 I love you Nana. #givingszn #reaction? #incaseyoudidntknow ♬ original sound – Blake Proehl

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