Sea Lion Looks Worried After Little Girl Falls Down While Playing Tag With Him

What a human-like reaction from the sea lion!

There’s been entire studies done on animal behavior. And while we can never truly know everything that animals are thinking, we can get a pretty good idea based on their actions.

There’s tons of examples out there where you can figure out exactly what’s going through their heads just by observing them.


Today we have a video shared to YouTube by Ariel Myren that shows a sea lion playing with an adorable little girl at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

It almost looks as if they are playing tag with each other, as the little girl runs back and forth in front of the glass tank with the sea lion swimming after her.

Ariel Myren Youtube Screenshot

They chase each other back and forth several times as a group of people watches on.

“He loves her,” one woman even remarks. 

“That’s hilarious,” another replies.

Ariel Myren Youtube Screenshot

It’s all fun and games until at one point the little girl trips and falls down. The sea lion immediately stops swimming and looks on with concern. Seeing the girl potentially hurt herself clearly had an effect on the animal! 


Check out the whole clip down below to see the two of them playing, and then the sea lion’s worried reaction to her trip.

People are quite enamored with the concerned animal, as the video has been viewed over 20 million times!

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