They Put This Pit Bull In The Sink. Now Watch Till The End. It Brought Me To Tears…

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S.N.A.R.R is an organization dedicated to rescuing injured, sick, or abused animals. A few weeks ago, they found a pit bull that was abandoned in a plastic bucket in New York City.

This pit bull, named Rudy, had wounds and holes all over his body. He also had little to no fur left and there was a severe fracture in his front leg. It was clear that Rudy was badly abused by whoever he was living with.

Fortunately, Rudy survived. He has been slowly gaining weight and thanks to special spa baths, his fur is growing back. As for his fractured leg, the vets are saying that he is still not strong enough for surgery yet.

But with the love of everybody around him, Rudy is expected to make a full recovery soon. If you are touched by this video, share it with all your friends to raise awareness about animal cruelty!

Check it out below.
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