Proud Ferret Mama Shows Off Her Babies To Her Owner

She demands that the man sees her babies.

There are very few things as proud as a brand new parent.

Whenever someone who has a newborn gets the opportunity to show off their bundle of pride and joy, they jump at the chance without hesitation.

Baby photos, cute videos, and parenting stories become a part of everyday interactions. 

YouTube Screenshot

Apparently ferrets also make quite the proud parents.

In a video shared to YouTube by RM Videos, you can see a proud mama ferret showing off her babies.

It’s adorable to see, and since being posted, the ferret family has amassed over 39 million views already.

The video shows the ferret’s owner with his hand in the frame, index finger extended.

YouTube Screenshot

In the background sits a box that has been turned into a makeshift nursery for the newborn baby ferrets.

The mother ferret is very eager to show off her new kits to her owner.

She gently bites onto his finger and pulls his hand towards the box, where the babies wait.

As he picks up one of the kits, she looks on proudly. When he places the baby back down and pulls his hand away, she chases after him.

YouTube Screenshot

She grabs his finger and pulls his hand back to the box two other times in the video.

Talk about a proud mama!

Check out the video below to see the cute little babies and their proud mother showing them off!

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