Mom Asks Daughter What Happened In Sunday School. Her Response? Prepare To LOL!!

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The following video is courtesy of the YouTube channel Kyoot Kids. It was originally uploaded back in September with very limited success. However, in recent months, it has managed amass an impressive number of views.

It’s a compilation of 24 clips that are packed into one amazing 5 minute video. With so many clips, you’re guaranteed to find at least one moment in the video that you’ll absolutely love!

The theme of compilation is “kids say the darndest things”. As you can tell from the theme title, the entire video will just be clips of little kids saying hilariously unexpected things. Some of the clips are based on cuteness, others are meant to be funny, a few are silly, but all of them are simply a joy to watch.

See thee adorable video for yourself. Check it out below.

(The little girl from the Facebook image shows up at 4:50. However, we hope you watch the whole video.)


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