Parakeet Has An Adorable Human-Like Conversation With Tweety Bird

Bowie is 13-year-old parakeet with a lot of personality. He loves Tweety!

Parrots are infamous for wanting to talk and repeat things that they have learned with anyone who will listen.

They just love to show off!

Peekaboo Parrots (YouTube Screenshot)

Today we have a video that features Bowie, an Indian ringneck parrot that has been shared by the Peekaboo Parrots channel on YouTube. 

Bowie is so eager to chat that he’s on film having a lively chat with a stuffed Tweety Bird toy.

While his owner holds onto the toy, she waves it in front of him. “Hi,” she says on behalf of the toy.

Bowie stares at the stuffed animal in disbelief for several seconds before finally replying.

Peekaboo Parrots (YouTube Screenshot)

“Whatcha doing?,” Bowie asks.

The two birds stand face-to-face for several seconds, kneeling into each other as Bowie examines his newfound friend.

It even sounds like Bowie exclaims “wow” he’s so excited.


Tweety next asks, “Can I have a kiss please?” 

Bowie is all too happy to oblige. He leans in with his beak, giving his best kiss. “Thank you,” he says afterwards.

“Smile,” Bowie then says to the toy. He then leans in to check if Tweety does indeed smile.

Bowie follows up with another request, saying “tickle tickle”.

Peekaboo Parrots (YouTube Screenshot)

Tweety leans in, appearing to tickle the parrot.

At one point Tweety seems to have been accidentally bitten by Bowie.

The toy gives Bowie a few gentle kicks in return, prompting the parrot to say, “I’m sorry”.


He’s quite the polite parrot!

Check out their entire amusing conversation in the video down below.

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