After having 4 packages stolen by thieves, one man gets revenge by setting up a trap.

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Package theft is one the fastest growing crimes in the country. According to a report from, an estimated 23 million Americans have their packages stolen each year. Sadly, that number is expected to grow even further as more people shop online.

Today, we’re going to show you a man who has been a victim of this crime many times. His name is Victor “The Snakemann” and he has had four packages stolen right from his door step. Feeling extremely fed up, he decided to teach the thieves a nasty lesson.

However, the way he taught this lesson is very unconventional. Victor didn’t yell, threaten, or use any form of aggression to make his point. He simply got an empty delivery box, filled it up with dog poop, and set it down on his doorstep.

In a matter of 24 hours, one of the thieves fell right into his “trap”. Victor even watched as she walked up to his front door and picked up the package. While he could have ran outside to confront her, he thinks letting her open the box is the greatest revenge of all.

Take a look below to see the video. (May take a second to load)


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