Owner Asks Him Not To Howl. He Insists It’s Time To Wake Everyone Up.

Bow is running the show here.

Today’s video features a wolf-dog named Bow, who loves to have a howling good time, waking his siblings.

In the TikTok video shared by user angelarmcg, with 2.4 million likes, Bow is attempting to howl to wake up his sisters Loki, another Wolf dog, and Keller, a border collie.


Angela tells him, “don’t do it, [you’re] going to wake everyone up”.

Bow faintly howls until he gets louder, and the camera pans to two other dogs, who are now awake. The three dogs begin howling in unison as if they were singing a song.

Keller seems to be having an identity crisis because she is howling with the wolf dogs.


Angela shares daily interactions with her beloved wolf dogs because she wants to end the stigma behind wolf dogs being too wild to be domesticated.

She shares an organization link in her TikTok bio called “Guardians of the Wolf.”

The name speaks for itself as their mission is simply to “Preserve the legacy of wolves and wolf dogs through education, responsible stewardship, and rescue.”


Wolf dogs and wolves are often seen as a nuisance to the ranch and farm community. The Guardian of the Wolf organization works to educate people who are fearful of these animals.

They work to protect and preserve the wolf and wolf-dog population.

The video shows how these pups are domesticated but still have a wolf-like spirit.

Angela’s goal is to normalize wolf dogs and their howling behavior as a part of the dog community.


Check out wonder wolf Bow howling to annoy his sisters.

@angelarmcg An oldie but a goodie that shows Bow’s personality perfectly 🤣🐺 #wolfdog #wolfdogsoftiktok #howl #fypシ ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

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