New Mom Is So Sad That Her 3-Week-Old Pups Won’t Play Ball With Her

"Why did I have eight children if they can't even play with me?”

Liberty, the Labrador, is so excited that her pups are here that she just wants to run and play ball with them.

Unfortunately, her new litter of eight puppies are still too young to play.


In today’s video, with over 43,720 views on YouTube, we see Liberty at home attempting to bring a ball into the litter den, staring sadly at her babies because they won’t react to her efforts.

Her owner, Sheridan, comments on behalf of Liberty by saying,”why did I have eight children if they can’t even play with me?”

YouTube’s user TJ Smith comments ”Is she a first-time mom? Usually, when it’s their first litter of pups, the mother thinks they’re playmates lol!”

Sheridan Pulsipher / Cater Clips

TJ’s words couldn’t be more true.

This mama seems to be annoying her puppies, wanting their attention, which is a good sign of affection towards her babies.


The new mother’s kept separate from her litter so not to accidentally harm the puppies because of the stress, aggravation, and hormonal imbalance that comes with having a new litter.

Sheridan Pulsipher / Cater Clips

Mom and her babies have to be supervised during feedings, sleep, and social interaction to protect the new puppies. Its clear this mom just wants to play instead of nesting with her pups.


See this confused dog mama’s reaction to her babies’ inability to play ball with her.

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