Mom responds to the stranger who left a note on her car, calling her a racist.

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Tonya N Jayson Keefer, a mother from Florida, wrote a post on Facebook in response to the stranger who left a note on her car while they ate at a restaurant.

The note reads:

“Just because the girl is black does not mean you have to treat her any different than your white child. You and your husband walked off and did not look back for the little black girl to make sure she got out of the car safely. You should be ashamed. Seems like you’re racist. Give the black girl back to her mother. You and your husband are white trash.”



Instead of feeling angry, Tonya explains that the note made her really sad.

The stranger totally misunderstood everything and had no idea what she has done for her daughter ever since they adopted her.


Here is Tonya’s response to the note writer on Facebook:





Tonya N Jayson Keefer


Tonya N Jayson Keefer


Tonya N Jayson Keefer

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