Mom Tells Her Son That She’s Got Surprise. When The Boy Sees THIS? He Breaks Into TEARS!

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The following video is brought to you by Facebook user Paula Williams. It’s a tear inducing moment about a young boy being reunited with his lost dog. If you’re not in the mood to shed a few tears, we suggest you hit the back button right now.

When Paula’s son (name undisclosed) lost his dog, Kase, he couldn’t stop crying. The youngster knew Kase from the day he was born. He wasn’t just a dog to him, Kase was more like best friend or a brother.

Fortunately, Kase didn’t get too far. One of Paula’s neighbors saw him walking down the street alone and quickly intervened. They took the lost pooch in while putting up “lost dog” posters around the neighborhood.

Paula eventually saw the posters and brought Kase home. In the video below, you’re going to see the special moment when her son sees Kase for the first time. It’s simply too beautiful for words.

Check it out below.
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