Teen Insists On Wearing Skimpy Shorts So Dad Teaches Her A Lesson By Also Wearing Skimpy Shorts.

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As the Macintosh family headed to a miniature golf course, dad found himself a little annoyed. His teenage daughter, Myley, decided to wear a pair of skimpy shorts to the family oriented event. Dad, Scott Macintosh, felt her choice of attire was completely inappropriate.

Naturally, he asked Myley to change into a more modest outfit. Being a stubborn teenager, she simply said “no” to the request. While some fathers might just give up after that, Scott refused to let it go.


Scott decided to teach his daughter a hilariously effective lesson on modesty. In fact, that lesson turned out to be so good that it has actually gone viral on social media. So far, it has received over 130,000 likes on tumblr and counting.

The best part of all of this? The lesson did not involve yelling, fighting, or any form of malicious intent towards his daughter. It was just a clever idea that got his point across in a powerful way. We think you’re going to absolutely love it!

Check it out below.


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