What She Said About Millennials Is Now Going VIRAL.. Over 32,655,931 Views In 3 Days.

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On April 22nd 2016, journalist, Alexis Bloomer uploaded a simple video onto her Facebook page. In this video, she gave her personal opinion on the millennial generation. In a matter of hours, her opinion became one of the hottest topics on Facebook.

As a millennial herself, Alexis noticed that her generation receives a lot of negative criticism from the older generation. She decided to take a step back and evaluate their judgement. Alexis came to the conclusion that the older generation is pretty much right.

.Yes, you read that last sentence correctly, the millennial admits that her generation is terrible. Alexis received a lot of praise for her video but it was also followed by a ton of criticism. It sparked a powerful debate in the comment section.

Over the last three days, her video has been viewed by over 32 million people. It has received over 422,000 likes and a jaw dropping 866,000 shares. Take look below to see the viral video for yourself.

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