Man Wants Cat To Leave Closet. Cat Is Having None Of It

This kitty is not happy to leave the nest.

Some of us really struggle to get out of bed in the mornings. Once that alarm clock goes off, we often dread leaving the cozy comfort of our beds.

Thousands of people all over the world hit that snooze button over and over, trying to squeeze every last second of comfort out.


Today we have a video that features a cat who doesn’t want to give up her comfort.

While not quite a traditional bed, the space this cat has claimed on the top shelf of a closet is close enough! 

The video was shared to YouTube by Lorie G and shows a man trying to get the kitty to come down from her nest.

Lorie G YouTube Screenshot

As the man reaches up to grab the fluffy cat, she raises a paw to fend him off while letting out a warning meow. 

“Come on. Let’s go down,” he says to the cat. 

But with each attempt, more menacing meows and swipes from the paw. She’s far too comfortable to leave!

At one point Lori is able to reach up and give the kitty a scratch without reprisal as the man looks on shocked.

Lorie G YouTube Screenshot

Not wanting to be upstaged, the man again slowly reaches up for the kitty as she waits, paw at the ready.

This time is a success however, and he’s finally able to get the cat down.

Check out the amusing battle between man and cat down below!

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