Man Saves Stray Cats. Now They’re Saving His Business By Destroying Little Trains.

He saved them from the streets. Now they're saving him.

There is no doubt that many restaurants struggled to stay afloat during the global pandemic. Many of them had to close down due to the restrictions and lack of business.

The ones that did stay open had to come up with inventive ways to bring in customers.

One restaurant in Osaka, Japan found a unique way to bring cat lovers from all over into their establishment.


Diorama Restaurant Tetsudokan features a gigantic diorama with model trains that go through tunnels.

They have gained popularity when they added several real life cats to their display.

The owner, Naomi Teraoka, a model train enthusiast, took in a stray cat who eventually brought more cats to make the restaurant their home. Tekora has dedicated the second floor as a home to stray cats.


In today’s video with 1.8k views, the cats are on the main floor playing with the diorama, messing up the trains by grabbing them and taking them off the tracks. Restaurant patrons just can’t get enough of their antics.

It appears as if the cats are giant Godzilla like creatures destroying a town.

People who eat there love these mischievous cats.

YouTuber Ken Rod’s coffee break comments, ”Cute kitties, I wonder how many times a day they have to put the trains back on the track?”


We are certain they have to put the trains back too many times to count.

Check out this great video from Dave In Osaka to see the cats in action.

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