Man Pretends To Be Down On His Luck, Rewards Strangers With Big $$$ If They Help Him

Jimmy Darts has always been a daring YouTube prankster, but his content has changed over time.

With over 562k subscribers on YouTube, and 6.9 million followers on TikTok. He is now using his massive audience to make a positive impact in the world.

His new show called “Undercover kindness” is more than just clickbait content. The fans inspire his dares as many of them post good deeds for him to attempt.


He will put the individual to a moral trial to judge their character. A total stranger will have to help Jimmy and be unaware of his identity. All they will know is he’s a regular person who needs some help in life.

When they pass the test by helping him complete his dare, he awards them money. Then Jimmy will drop their cash app name at the end of the video in order to raise even more money for the kind person.

His supporters have donated thousands of dollars, aiding his new friends to get ahead in life.


His follower’s aid separates his content from other do-gooders. The viewers feel like they are a part of something.

In today’s video, with 67k views overnight, we get to see an example of this.

We see a Walmart employee reaching out to help Jimmy by offering to grab him a meal.

The employee’s name is Raymond. He sees Jimmy is in need and asks, “Do you need something? Come on, I’ll get it for you.”

They both walk to a McDonald’s inside the Walmart.

Raymond offers Jimmy anything on the menu.

Later, they meet in the parking lot after Raymond’s shift. Jimmy gives him $1000 with a hand-drawn thank you note.


He then tells him who he is and what his mission of kindness is all about. He drops Raymond’s Cash app name for donations from spectators.

The focus of his work is not just about money, either. He challenges viewers to judge with their hearts and not their eyes.

His message is simple: to give and receive something much greater in return.

Check out Raymond’s reaction to his $1000 test of kindness.

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