Man Gives His Horse New Shoes. Horse Shows His Appreciation In A Funny Way.

We all have our ways of showing our appreciation. Think about the last time that someone went out of their way to do something kind for you.

What did you do to let them know that you truly appreciated it?

A simple thank you? Perhaps a card letting them know how thankful you are?

What about giving them a quick lick on the face?

YouTube Screenshot

That’s exactly what Jack, a special needs horse, did for his owner while he was helping to shoe him.

In a video shared to YouTube by the channel DailyPicksandFlicks, you can see Jack’s owner filing down his new hoof, putting the finishing touch on it. 

And as the video description accurately describes, Jack indeed has a lot of love to give! While he’s getting his hoof filed, he leans over and begins to lick his owner’s face. 

YouTube Screenshot

“Give him some love, there ya go!,” the woman filming says. “It’s that sweaty, yummy ear.”

Her owner takes the licks in good humor. He jokes, “Gee, if I had a gal do that to me, I might make her my wife!”

Jack never stops licking his owner’s face, ear, and arm as he finishes up the new shoe.

YouTube Screenshot

He clearly wants to be absolutely certain his owner knows how much he appreciates the help!

Check out the sweet horse and his owner in the video below.

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