Man Films Baby Orangutan Trying To Escape From Mom. Mama Is Having None Of It.

A very human-like moment.

It’s the great ape escape! Today we have a hilarious video that was shared to YouTube by Fishbeast Productions.

The video features a baby orangutan attempting to escape from his mother over and over, only to be foiled on every attempt.


It was filmed at the Jersey wildlife conservation by the uploader, and you absolutely have to check it out.

The video opens with the baby ape playing around, climbing up a rope attached to their play structure as his mother tries to pull him away.

She finally manages to pry him off and begins to lead him away.

When her baby tries to turn around to head back, she yanks his arm, preventing his first attempt. 

As orchestral piano music plays in the background, adding to the comical scene, the baby ape once again turns and makes a break for it.

YouTube Screenshot

His mother chases after him, catching hold of him after an incredible diving leap.

As she chews a bunch of leaves that are hanging from her mouth, she appears to scold him with her eyes as they face each other.

Mama orangutan once again tries to lead the way with her baby in tow, but he runs off once again!

YouTube Screenshot

He makes it further this time, even managing to climb back up the play structure.

It’s not long before his mother gives chase though, climbing right up after him. 

He heads down the opposite side, sliding down a rope and she’s hot on his tail!

Realizing that escape is impossible, the baby orangutan collapses to the ground, exhausted from his repeated escape attempts.

YouTube Screenshot

Mama grabs hold of him and begins to drag him back the way she’s headed, victorious at last.

Check out the hilarious chase scene down below!

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