Mama Spanks A Rambunctious Colt After He Kicks Her

Mama did not let him get away with bad behavior.

Hydrive cat mothers do NOT mess around. This is a fact that is clearly demonstrated in an amusing video we have for you today.

Originally shared to YouTube by the channel SWT Cutting, you see how the mother horse teaches her feisty colt a swift lesson.


As the video begins, you can see the colt lying down in a pile of white sand.

The scene is quite calm and peaceful, until the colt decides to start rolling around in the sand.

He then hops up, jumping around in the pile.

YouTube Screenshot/SWT Cutting

He’s a little too careless however, as he accidentally kicks his mother in the side while he’s jumping around!

This clearly doesn’t sit well with mama, and she starts to stand tall over the pile of sand.

The colt runs around her in circles, still wanting to jump around in the sand it would appear.

YouTube Screenshot/SWT Cutting

And just as the colt gets a little too close, mom gives him a kick of her own!

This sends the colt running.

He appears to have learned his lesson however, as it’s not long after that he calms down.

YouTube Screenshot/SWT Cutting

He approaches his mother, and amusingly, she turns to her side again, almost as if to kick him once more.

This is enough for the colt to steer clear again.

Check out the entire video down below to see the young colt get absolutely schooled by his mother!

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