Mail Carrier Records How A Cat “Protects” Its House From Her.

That is one mean kitty!

Not since Jerry Seinfeld and Newman faced off in the classic sitcom Seinfeld has there been a more entertaining arch rivalry than in the video we have today. 

Debra Anderson works for Canada Post as a mail carrier and she absolutely loves her job.

She’s even created her own YouTube channel to document some of the highlights that come along with delivering the mail.


And one of those highlights has come to be affectionately known as the Attack Cat.

The black and white kitty is an everyday feature on her route through Hamilton, Ontario and has starred in many videos she’s posted.

Like she says in the description of the video down below, he is “scarier than any dog yet”.

YouTube Screenshot

You can see the cat for yourself today, as Debra films herself walking up to deliver mail to the house.

Sure enough, Attack Cat is waiting for her. 

“Hang on little one,” she tells the cat as she fills the mailbox.

“Let’s see if we can get a nice selfie with this.”

YouTube Screenshot

As she steps near the window, Attack Cat springs into action. He lunges at the window, trying to get at the mail carrier.

As she points her finger at the window and attempts to calm the cat down, he again lunges at the window.

He is not willing to negotiate with his nemesis. 

YouTube Screenshot

As he lunges one final time at Debra, he startles her and she’s had enough. This time.

But tomorrow she will be back again. And their never ending rivalry will continue!

Check out the comical encounter between the two rivals below!

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