His Little Nephew Suddenly Started Running. When He Sees Why? WOW!! This Is Going VIRAL.

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As YouTube user, Chris Fredrick, landed in Houston with the UNC men’s basketball team, a row of soldiers stood outside their plane while holding American flags. It was a wonderful sight for the team but that’s when things took an unexpectedly beautiful turn.

When Chris’s 2-year-old nephew, Sawyer, got out of the plane, he did something that surprised everyone. The little boy went up to the soliders and started shaking their hands. It was his way of thanking them for their service.

Fortunately, Chris managed to get the entire moment on video. It currently doesn’t have many views on YouTube but we expect that to change very soon. The video has already been picked up by major news outlets such as the Daily Mail.

What an amazing little boy. At just 2-years-old, he has more respect than some adults who are 30-years-old. Our hats go off to his parents for teaching him so well at such an early age.

See the beautiful moment for yourself. Check it out below.


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