Little Boy Reacts To His Drawings Being Turned Into Real Life Plushies.

What an amazing idea for a gift!

It is Christmas morning, and a little boy named Ben is opening gifts. He unwraps a unique shaped stuffed animal. To his surprise, the plushie looks familiar.

He yells, “wait just a second… there’s something I need to go see” and runs to his bedroom.

He points to a hand drawn picture he made.


Ben noticed the fuzzy creature replicates his artwork and is screaming with excitement, “how did you do this?!”

Ben’s parents knew he loved Pokémon. He even created his own character that he hung on his wall.

When they discovered Budsies, a toy company that reproduces sketches and photos into stuffed animals. They realized they had to order Ben a plushie.

YouTube Screenshot / Budsies

Alex Furmansky founded Budsies intending to preserve his sister’s drawings. He wanted her to have a keepsake of her painting that would last forever.

Alex has been successful with the concept of making children’s art into a lovable friend. The website has sold over 100k plushies so far.


The business has since expanded and has a goal to build custom toy lines to be made available to children worldwide.

YouTube Screenshot / Budsies

The toy company features a creativity box that inspires kids to draw something to bring to life. It includes coloring utensils, a sketch pad, and a plush buddy.

Once the artwork is finished, they can send it in to make a one-of-a kind playmate.


What a neat way to preserve someone’s childhood!

Check out Ben’s reaction to his new lifelong companion

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