Little Boy Gives Mom An Earful For Being Pregnant Again

Little Trey has quite the vocabulary!

Little Trey, better known as “the exasperated boy”, went viral moment when his mother, Shanee broke the news that he and his sister Amaya would be expecting a sibling.

He wasn’t thrilled to hear he would be a big brother again.


In this video, Trey responds to the announcement saying, “What was you thinking? Why you want to get another baby, you just had two?… this is exasperating”.

He lectures his mom on how babies cry, and he does not want any part of it. He proceeds to ask her to buy him headphones because “boys crying is even worse” in case the baby ends up being a boy.

His mom asks his baby sister Amaya how she feels about the new sibling, and she just giggles.


He became an instant viral sensation with over 3 million views when the video first hit.

People couldn’t get enough of Trey’s hilarious debating skills and mature vocabulary.

YouTuber melizma tea comments, “Oh my god that child is so smart and eloquent. He is hilarious, he should have his show”.

He even captured talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’s attention.

Shanee and Trey make an appearance on Ellen where she delivers a heartfelt surprise reuniting him with his father, William, who has been serving in the military Overseas in Iraq.


Shortly after his baby brother Caleb is born, Inside Edition interviews Trey, asking if his feelings towards his new sibling have changed.

He says he still” exasperated”, but he is happy with his little brother.

Check out Trey and Amaya’s adorable reaction to their mom’s pregnancy announcement

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